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Our technology allows you to accept cash and noncash donations online

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We do ALL of the processing work of noncash donations

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Once we process the donations for you, we send you a check and the donor information to grow your impact

Get More Donations

More is Better

When you give your donors More options, you get More donations. Now your donors can give a car, boat, smartphone – or even gifts of stock – as easily as they give cash. Learn More

Get More Time

We handle ALL of the noncash processing and receipting work for you

iDonate takes the hassle out of accepting and processing noncash donations through the combination of our elaborate asset liquidation network and cutting-edge, web-based software. To your donor, it feels the same as making a donation with a credit card—they select their donation type, enter a few details about their item, then they get a confirmation email in their inbox. It’s that simple. Learn More

Get More Impact

More donations means More impact to your organization.

Donations are about Impact, and with iDonate your organization gets More.  We’ve built the industry’s only online “Impact Equation” where your donors see their Impact at the point of donation.

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Multi-Tier Education

iDonate's Enterprise version supports a multi-tier (parent-child) structure. This capability can be implemented in one of two ways as detailed below. In both implementations, the child organizations are connected to the "Parent" organization, allowing for "roll up" reporting on all activities from organizations subordinate (or below) the Parent organization. Only Basic and Pro versions can be "connected" to the Enterprise product.


In this configuration, a Merchant Gateway Key (Credit Card Identifier) is given to each Chapter, allowing all funds to flow to the Parent organization's bank account. This implementation allows the Parent to track, reconcile, distribute, and receipt all funds for all constituent organizations in their Enterprise structure.





In this configuration, a Unique Merchant Gateway Key (Credit Card Identifier) is given to each Affiliate, allowing funds to remain at the local bank account of the Affiliate. This implementation allows the local or subordinate organization to track, reconcile, distribute, and receipt their funds. The Parent still has the ability to track or view all donation activity. 





More Details

  • - Tier'd pricing is made available only to those subordinate organizations directly affiliated with the Parent account.
  • - Enterprise customers are not required to purchase Tiers.
  • - Training
    • - All Enterprise Licenses include free 2 Hour Webinar
    • - Starter Pack can be purchased for $750 and includes the following
      • - (3) 2 Hour Webinars detailing feature set
      • - Setting up first 10 tiers
      • - 10 Hours of Consultation during first 30 days
  • - Setup Fee does not include any custom Salesforce integration or training