Our mission: raise the 2%

Despite an increase in wealth, the world’s level of giving has been stuck at 2% for decades. Our mission is to transform charitable giving by changing the way the world thinks – and more importantly, acts – around giving. We develop software and services accessing billions more in potential gifts to support the organizations that are trying to make a difference.

After 50 years
We still only donate 2% of our disposable income.



We do more. Here’s how:

1. We make giving simple and accessible for everyone.
2. With 90% of value stuck in noncash assets, we unlock more ways to give.
3. We build tools that make it easier for nonprofits to make a bigger impact.

The iDonate Story

In 2010, two men changed the way I thought about the world of nonprofit donations, and the way I thought about my life. My good friend Greg Murtha introduced me to Bill High, President of the National Christian foundation affiliate in Kansas City. Bill had a passion for helping families, who had spent a lifetime accumulating wealth, develop planned giving strategies to leave a legacy for generations. His group was innovative and had a unique vision for finding ways for families to give more, especially in the area of noncash donations. As he began to educate me on his work, one set of numbers about nonprofit giving jumped off the page at me.

Giving as a percentage of disposable income had been stuck at 2% for over 50 years.

My mind began racing with questions about ‘why’? With millions of worthy nonprofits, ministries and churches worldwide dependent on donations for the lifeblood of their missions – why so little? Was it too hard to give? Too hard to connect generous givers to causes they believe in? Was there too little of an incentive to give? Are we just stingy with our wealth, – or most of all – is it even possible to make it easy for people to give out of wealth? As Bill and I talked, his passion for unlocking the generosity that he believes lives inside all of us became infectious. I quickly realized that I would soon be engaging in a new calling. The first half of my life was full of pursuing success by the world’s standards. Now I was searching for a cause that would provide something more significant.

iDonate became that purpose. Out of these initial conversations, Bill and I launched iDonate. Our mission was singular – to move the 2% by making it easier for generous givers to give and give more to causes they believe in.

Now, we’re looking back on years of effort by hundreds of dedicated employees and partners to build a company that is breathing new life in the donation marketplace. We’ve created dozens of new innovative solutions including software and services that are simple to deploy and provide new ways of giving for donors – from cash to noncash, mobile, social and online, at events, in the home, virtually anywhere, any time. We’re making the work of taking and processing donations easier for the nonprofits, churches and ministries we serve. We process everything from a credit card transaction to a farmer giving grain, to a businessman giving a Bentley, to a couple who gave precious jewels to really almost anything of value that you can imagine. We’re transforming the way people think and act about giving.

We passionately believe in making everything we do easier for the customers we serve. The easier we make it to give, the more we’ll empower the 1.5 million world changers to do what they do best. Our work is challenging, but rewarding every time we learn about the impact our efforts have on increasing giving. We’re privileged to be a part of this movement. As we set out to ‘change the world’, we have tried some things that have worked well and some things that haven’t. We’ve learned that the obstacles to improving donations are less about providing something for free or the traditional models of developing software, but more about creating a full service solution that works like the world changers we serve. So we’ve focused on the details of making our software look and feel like their brand, distributing it easily to thousands of potential givers, and integrating services that eliminate all of the manual liquidation processing, accounting and other services that bottleneck staff. Each day, our commitment is to get the details right. The better we do our jobs, the easier it is for our customers to get the value they deserve.

There’s much left to do to fulfill our vision, but the encouraging results we see today tell us to stay the course. On average, we’re seeing donations grow from 3-5x in the markets we are serving. With more than 1,000 customers, the 2% needle is starting to move. With our mission, it’s easy to get up in the morning because our team loves what we do and who we serve.

Unlocking generosity. The time has come.

Ray Gary
Chief Executive Officer – iDonate

“We aspire to unlock generosity and move overall giving from 2% of disposable income to 4% by 2025.” #4percentby2025

Board of Directors


Investment Analyst
HL Investments, LLC

iDonate Founder
CEO of National Christian Foundation Heartland

Acting CFO for iDonate
Managing Partner of MatchPoint Associates

Chief Investment Officer
HL Investments, LLC

Manager & General Partner
PerformanceEdge Partners

National Christian Foundation

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with Salesforce to bring you the iDonate app in the Salesforce App Exchange. See donation results and Salesforce data side by side to get a complete understanding of donors’ generosity. With this strategic partnership, you can easily obtain the valuable donor information you need most to measure impact and growth.

iDonate is proud to join AFP’s Strategic Partners program at the highest level: Premier Partner. The Strategic Partners Program supports AFP’s mission to advance effective fundraising in nonprofits around the world through the provision of top-notch, cutting-edge education and training and the promulgation of the highest ethical standards in the profession.

iDonate is proud to partner with Virtuous CRM, a dynamic new donor management system that allows nonprofits to look at donors holistically – from a financial, time, talent, and social aspect. With our dynamic integration, donation data from iDonate flows seamlessly into Virtuous, helping nonprofits build deeper relationships, raise more money, and do more good.

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