Easily manage chapter donations

with an integrated chapter capability.

Built for your organization

Whether you are headquartered with a national organization, serving in a local chapter, or an individual support staff of a larger nonprofit, we provide data-reporting connectivity and fund-management solutions that are tailored to your needs.

How it works

Organized reporting by chapter

We’ve made multi-level donation reporting simple and easy, whether you are with a national organization or a local chapter. All parts of your organization can be connected, so sharing donation data just became a lot easier.

Multi-merchant-key connector

Whether your organization needs multiple merchant keys or one shared merchant between your chapters, our system is set up to accommodate your needs.

Multi-bank-account deposits

Does your national chapter have a separate bank account to deposit donations into from the rest of your chapters? No worries. We can handle any configuration your organization needs.

See a 5 minute demo on how a multi-channel approach can
get you more out of your fundraising.