Tap the true value of generosity

when you accept cash and noncash donations.



Real Estate




Don’t miss out on noncash wealth.

Many of your donors love your cause but are short on cash. In fact, 90% of your donors’ ability to give lies in their stuff, while only 10% is in their bank account. So by expanding the gifts you can receive, you effectively allow them to give more freely. We wrote the book on noncash giving, so we give you access to tremendous, previously untapped sources of donations: cars, property, stocks, bulk grain, jewelry, and other high-value, noncash items.

We do all the work when your donors give.

Our turnkey process makes it easier than ever for you and your donors. We handle every step of the donation process, from pick up of noncash goods to handing you the now-cash funds, so you can keep focusing on your mission.

Physical Transfer



IRS Compliance

Risk Management



Title Transfer

Easy, integrated online cash payments

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