Live where your donors are: online

and grow donations by 250%

Online made easy

The standard payment form is decades old and doesn’t make it easy for your donors to give. That’s why we’ve made it simple to create giving forms that live anywhere your donors are: on your site, on partner sites, on their phone, and beyond. The result? Donors give MORE – in fact, on average 250% more.

Embeddable code and mobile ready

Studies show that donors are 6x more likely to give when they’re not sent to a third-party donor site as many donation forms require. With just two lines of code, iDonate seamlessly embeds our solution right on your website, blog, and even Facebook page with your brand’s look and voice. And it works beautifully on mobile.

Flexible giving features to grow donations

Recurring Donations

Give your supporters the gift of time through recurring donations. That way they can give weekly, monthly, or annually without even having to think about it. With our system, they can even manage their own payment information without the hassle of making a user account.

Gift with Donations

Now you can give your donors the option of choosing a gift with their donation. It’s fully customizable to what you want to offer and easy to set up.

Designated Funds

Set up unlimited funds and custom campaign designations, allowing donors to choose where they want their gifts to go. You can even move the designated fields to the beginning or end of the donation experience, depending on your preference.

Corporate Matching

Many companies will match their employees’ donations, but that potential revenue is often untapped. Your donors can easily select their company to match their cash donation, with a simple process for you.

Donor-Paid Transaction Fees

Donors can choose to cover the transaction fee for their gift, a frequently used feature that saves nonprofits money.


Security is a bigger threat than ever, so we give it more priority than anyone. iDonate uses the highest level of encryption available by using AES-256, block-level storage encryption. All transactions are PCI compliant to help prevent unauthorized access or attacks.

Cloud Based

Our solutions live in the cloud, and not on your machine. You get software that is more secure, easily accessible and automatically updates with current trends in technology, all while easily integrating with the way you work.

Cash and noncash donation options

Expanding the gifts you can receive allows your donors to give more freely. We securely process many types of cash payments, as well as handling and processing noncash donations like cars, stocks, and more — all in a single system.

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