At iDonate, we are always amazed by our clients and the work they do. Our clients are big dreamers and change makers—we have the incredible privilege of supporting nonprofits by helping them grow donations and ultimately grow their impact.

With that in mind, we were thrilled to see noncash giving featured in The Gideon magazine. The Gideons International is a faith-based nonprofit that strives to make a big impact on a global level. They are most known for putting bibles in hotels, but they actually spread the Christian message throughout the globe. They (like all of our clients) are dependent on donations to accomplish their mission.

Last year, they were able to put Christian scriptures in the hands of 175,000 people entirely funded by noncash donations! We absolutely loved their stories of the creative ways their donors invested in their mission.

One donor parted ways with her designer purse. A farmer gave a portion of his corn crop to help distribute scriptures. In short, their donors were able to give generously out of what they actually had.

Many people don’t have the ability to give cash — as we’ve said before, most of our nation’s wealth is held in stuff. Noncash giving frees donors up to be generous. It gives donors the ability to be creative. And, in turn, it gives organizations the ability to achieve big goals.

Check out the article below in The Gideon and see how noncash giving revolutionized fundraising for this organization. With noncash giving, the possibilities are truly endless!