Do you have an unused mobile phone? In over six months of unofficial surveying I have yet to meet a single person who does not. And according to an article by Market Watch, there are $13 BILLION used iPhones just sitting in drawers. Imagine the possibilities of what those unused electronics in America could do for nonprofits around our nation. is an organization that was founded to help provide the simple childhood joys of movies, music, books, and games to brave children fighting deadly diseases to help them and their families cope with the pain, fear, and isolation of their illness.

As an iDonate customer, PeppedUp! recently ran a cell phone donation campaign to help support their cause, and were given over 67 smartphones! Thanks to iDonate, the donation process was simple and easy for both the donors and the organization.

The donations were made right on PeppedUp!’s website, and iDonate did ALL of the shipping, processing, liqudation and receipting work – resulting in $1,200 to help purchase more games, movies and electronics for sick children.