With digital fundraising expected to grow in the next five years from 10 percent to 50 percent of an overall $358 billion of charitable giving, nonprofit leaders are actively seeking new platforms that open up donation channels to web-savvy, socially-connected donors who give at the point of inspiration.  Ignite is designed from the ground up to serve this need.

In this 30-minute product demo, you’ll see the Ignite Platform featuring three major components:

  1. Unified Management Capabilities – web, mobile, text-to-give, campaign, events, cash and noncash giving, and multi-tier organization fundraising solutions.
  2. Empowers donors to easily connect and give how, when, where and even what they want with great giving experiences.
  3. iDonate Fundraising Services help customers maximize the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts

Get your personalized demo today.

Get a personalized demo today

More donors. More donations. Less work.