It’s clear nonprofits understand the need to maintain a strong online presence. According to Nonprofit Tech for Good, 92% of nonprofits worldwide have a website. With this number so high, it’s surprising to find so few focusing on increasing their web traffic. Your website plays a critical role in converting someone from a visitor to a donor, but the first step is getting them there. Here are six techniques to help you engage with today’s donors and drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Be Accessible

Include your website in and on everything you share with donors. In digital communications like emails, social media or blog posts, always include a link to drive donors to your website. When it comes to print media, it is especially important to include your website. Don’t assume your donors know your domain and don’t make them search for it either. Add your URL to your direct mailers, promotional items, and include it in other media channels like TV or radio.


  1. Be Appealing

Your first goal should be to inspire, intrigue, or interest your donors enough that they want to go to your website to learn more. Tell a success story or share an infographic highlighting a growing issue and how it is impacting your organization. Make sure you give them just enough information without giving too much away so they need to go to your website to continue reading.

  1. Be Relevant

In today’s world, content is key in both attracting new donors and keeping your current donors engaged. It is important that your website contains powerful content like:

  • Success stories about your nonprofit
  • Resources created by experts who specialize in your organization’s line of work
  • Pictures and videos to convey the true impact of your organization
  • Contests, games, and surveys to give your supporters an opportunity to engage with you


  1. Be Current

Does your website look like it did this time last year? If so, consider making some changes to keep it interesting for frequent visitors. If storefront window displays or email ads from your favorite retailers always looked the same, you would likely lose interest in them – the same applies for your nonprofit. Give your supporters a reason to keep coming back to your website in order to stay current with your organization’s progress.

  1. Be Savvy

You’ve made it to technique number 5 so you must understand the importance of staying in line with technological trends in the nonprofit sector. Here are three resources to help you drive more traffic to your website:

  1. Be Social

Today’s donors live in networks, not databases. To reach them, you need to be online and active across multiple social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Not only are your donors already active here, but they make it very easy for your supporters to share the relevant and appealing content you are creating and posting. Post snippets of your content across your social channels and link each one back to your nonprofit’s website.


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