In thinking about the complexity of online revenue and how to increase it, there are actually only three key metrics that matter. When you multiply how many people visit your website (web traffic) by how many people make a gift (conversion rate) by the average gift size they will donate, you get a simple math equation that equals your online revenue. These three metrics, when only increased by a small percentage, work together to have a major impact on your fundraising efforts.

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So how can we increase those three metrics? Here are a few tips.

Increasing your web traffic

Optimize your website for mobile. 60% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device, which means if your users have to “pinch and zoom” to be able to view content on your website, you are making it too hard for supporters to connect. In fact, a study by Dunham & company showed that donations from a mobile device has grown 80% in the past 2 years.

When sending all communication to your donors, make sure to point them back to your website. When sending email appeals, on social media, and even using direct mail, make sure there’s a clear link to a landing page on your website that continues the conversation and gives them an easy way to give.

Increasing your conversion rate

Donors are looking for a quick and easy donation experience – don’t force them to create yet another login to register, make an account or go through multiple pages to make a gift. The “friction” this creates prevents your donors (who may come to the page highly motivated) from completing the process. If your giving experience is not as effortless as it is to buy a song on iTunes, then most donors will simply move on.

Don’t send your donors to a third-party webpage to donate. A study by Mobile For Good found that donors gave 6 times more money to nonprofits who had an embedded donation form on their own website. Forcing donors to go to jump to another website increases anxiety as they become uncertain that they and their gift are going to the right place. Make your giving process simple with a giving interface that drops right into your website and looks like a seamless extension of your brand.

Telling donors how their money is used for your cause is influential information to help them determine whether or not to make a donation to you. Organizations that have a track record of reporting back how and where a donor’s money was used will have a huge advantage when it
comes to this area. Donors want to be a part of the story—especially the solution—so show them the role they play.

Increase your average gift size

Give your donors more options of how to give. Did you know that $43.6 billion in noncash gifts like cars, boats, and stocks are given to nonprofits each year? More than 10% of annual charitable giving is given through noncash gifts. If you are only asking for cash through credit cards and echecks, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Another way to easily increase your gift size is to offer donors to corporate matching right within the donation experience. Around $10 billion in matching gifts went unclaimed last year, so this is a huge opportunity to take advantage of.

Double your donations with iDonate

At iDonate, we take these three key metrics so seriously that we’ve built an entire digital fundraising platform and service offerings around this logic. We provide your donors with multiple ways to give in the way that they want, with what they want to give – all scientifically tested and optimized to increase your conversion rate. iDonate services can help teach and train you how to effectively develop strategies or to help you execute if you need.

Our customers have seen some exciting results. Not only have customers who have been with us over two years have seen their online revenue increase by 46% year over year, but our giving form has proven to have double the average gift size than industry average.


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