Last week I had the privilege of speaking to an incredible woman from East Tennessee. She asked to remain anonymous, so I will call her Mary.

Mary and her husband recently gave their Hummer to Samaritan’s Purse (SP) in order to provide aid to Syrian refugees. I made it a point to call to hear her story first hand after one of my colleagues had spoken with her and was really impressed.

Image credit: CNN Next

Image credit: CNN Next

She shared a few weeks ago God woke her in the middle of the night feeling compelled to do something to help her Christian brothers and sisters from around the globe. Mary stopped and prayed, asking God to make it clear what she was to do.

At that moment she remembered an envelope stuffer SP included in a recent mailing she received. The stuffer mentioned SP was able to accept numerous noncash items to fund their relief work around the globe – including her Hummer.

She shared, “These brothers are losing their lives. Their wives are being raped. Their families are being dispersed. The least I can do is help.” She went on to say, “When I grew up I was taught to do good to all men, especially those of the household of faith. I thank the Lord I had a car to give. His timing is perfect.”

Since seeing the image of the Egyptian Christians wearing orange jumpsuits being lead to their deaths on the beach near Tripoli Mary wanted to engage. She wanted to do something, yet she had no idea what.

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Mary and her husband aren’t really car people. They have never driven high-end cars and they don’t plan to in the future; however, for some reason a few years ago they purchased a fully loaded Hummer with multimedia screens in the visor and back of the front seats and an extensive chrome package, etc.

“I will not give the Lord anything that does not cost me something.” Frankly, Mary and her husband do not have another car. This gift truly cost them something.

Mary said, “Time is short. None of this stuff matters. My greatest regret is I didn’t know about this (iDonate service) 1-2 years ago when the car would have brought more money.”

Yes, time appears to be short. People around the globe are suffering; some are losing their lives for their faith and most of the believers I know in the U.S. have it pretty easy.

What are we to do?

It is my prayer I will lead my family in following Mary’s example by simply asking God what I can do to make a difference. It is also my prayer I will have faith to do whatever He asks.

Will you join Mary and my family in this prayer?


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