Text Giving is iDonate’s exciting new fundraising option that allows your donors to give when and where it’s most convenient.

What are the best ways to use Text Giving?

#1 Fundraisers

Nothing gets donors in the mood quite like goals, countdowns, challenge grants, and the myriad other time-tested mechanisms for building up focused excitement. During your next fundraiser, be sure to promote your text phone number so that donors can give quickly and easily no matter where they are.

#2 Special Events

Like fundraisers, events have an energy and momentum all their own, especially when thoughtfully timed communications drop according to plan. During the buildup to your event, and then during your event, broadcast your text giving number with visibility to keep your donors engaged with an easy way to support your cause when they are most inspired to give.

#3 Social Media & Current Events

Have you ever seen breaking news or the latest meme trending in social media and thought, “This is relevant… we should be jumping on it”? Text Giving is the perfect vehicle for impulse giving. Simply broadcast the story’s link and your number via Twitter, Facebook and other social media to stimulate instantaneous and convenient gifts from your donors via their mobile phones.

Want to learn more?

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