Our CEO, Ray Gary, recently spoke with Brian Womack of the Dallas Business Journal to discuss our series A funding round and the changing landscape in fundraising technology. With digital transformation affecting all aspects of life, nonprofit fundraising is no exception. We’re committed to helping nonprofits meet the expectations of today’s evolving donor.

“iDonate is bringing modern software to the traditional world of nonprofits with features and options that are more commonly found in traditional business products,” CEO Ray Gary said. “That means more personalization for potential donors using tools that have helped companies such as Amazon.com, Uber and Netflix better reach customers.”

“They’ve just been kind of conditioned as an empowered consumer to expect that kind of experience when they go online,” Gary said. “When they look at their nonprofits, they don’t get that. There’s a chasm and a pretty big frustration between the expectation of today’s donor and the nonprofit’s ability to fulfill that.”


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