Peer-to-peer giving has unmatched potential to harness a sense of community and empower today’s donor. With advances in technology and communication tools, peer-to-peer fundraising has emerged as the primary area of growth for large nonprofits. We’re helping nonprofits capitalize on this opportunity by prioritizing donors’ personal connection to stories and meeting donors where they are.

Our CEO, Ray Gary, recently shared his thoughts on how peer-to-peer giving empowers today’s donor with NonProfit Pro:

As the way people receive and engage with information continues to evolve, peer-to-peer campaigns have the power to unlock the generosity of an expanded network of people and meet donors where they are—online.

Nonprofits that implement a well thought-out peer-to-peer strategy can both expand reach and grow their organization by developing champions of their cause and connecting with donors empowered to make a tangible difference.

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