First: We don’t want you to boycott Giving Tuesday! 

But we do get that many organizations may find it overwhelming and even wonder if the ROI is worth going all in. After all, your message is just one of many among other nonprofits’ Giving Tuesday messaging, as well as competing with Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertising. Some suggest that Giving Tuesday simply shifts loyal donors’ year-end giving to November, and if that’s true, does it really make a big difference in the big picture?  

These are legitimate concerns. So, if you’re keeping it lean this year, or if you’re behind in all the lofty goals you had for Giving Tuesday, that’s okay.  

Consider this simple way to participate: 

Make your Giving Tuesday about gratitude, rather than solicitation 

Giving Tuesday was originally launched to put a “give” in the middle of a heavy season of “buy,” to create a bookend with Thanksgiving around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By most accounts, it has been a welcome focus for many consumers worldwide.  

But if the day is starting to feel like more work than it’s worth, try getting your nonprofit into the giving (not asking) spirit by giving thanks to your donors. 

4 Ways to Have a Giving Thanks Tuesday

Here are a few ideas we gathered from around the web: 

1) Give gifts to your donors 

 Claire Axelrad shares 4 gifts you can give to your donors. In another post, she suggests choosing a specific number (how about 27 – since Giving Tuesday is on the 27th this year?) and making a list of 27 reasons we love our donors. (Source: Clairification – Quick Nonprofit Guide to #GivingTuesday Jujitsu) 

2) Request a non-financial action on the part of your cause, not your organization  

Instead of requesting donations last Giving Tuesday, the American Society of Transplantation (AST), asked those impacted by organ donation or transplant to film and post a short thank-you video to raise awareness about the importance of registering to be an organ donor. (Source: PRNewswire-Giving Tuesday Gratitude Request: “We Want Your (Organ) Donor Registration, Not Your Money“) 

 3) Use the momentum of Giving Tuesday to have your entire staff write handwritten thank you notes

(Source: MChalane Hands-on Fundraising-Try This Fresh Twist on Giving Tuesday) 

4) Shoot a quick, casual thank you video on your phone and send it in an email to your loyal donors and on your social media platforms on Giving Tuesday

(Source: Michael Rosen Says – #GivingTuesday: Hype or Hope?) 

However you choose to convey it, you can never show too much gratitude to those who support your efforts. In the immense competition for donor dollars, gratitude might be the best way to grow loyalty. A sincere message of gratitude on a day of asking is a great way to launch your year-end campaign. 

Thank You to our iDonate Clients 

We’re not a nonprofit, but we feel like we’re an extension of yours. So, in this season of gratitude and giving, we want to say that we’re thankful for you, for the spirit of giving that guides you to serve great causes all year long and for letting us be a part of those endeavors. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks Tuesday!