Female philanthropic impact is on the rise. Some interesting trends around female generosity, wealth and empowerment indicate that women are often a nonprofit organization’s best source of not just loyal donors, but fearless advocates.

Understanding why this is true is a must if you want to attract women to your cause.


Directly download our new one-pager, Tapping into Female Donors, to learn:

  • 4 reasons to focus on female donors
  • The surprising truth about female donors age 55+ –versus men their age
  • The different types of causes women and men tend to support
  • How female donors want to engage with the causes they care about
  • 5 expectations female donors have for the organizations they engage with

Of course, all your donors are seeking simplicity and ease of donating. iDonate’s all-in-one giving platform for fundraising allows you to engage donors personally – which is important to women and helps you to cultivate loyalty and raise more funds.

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