September 14, 2019

Midwest Food Bank provides pallet and case quantity food to 80,000-90,000 food-insecure people each month as well as people overseas.

“Funding is one of the hardest things our organization faces,” John Whitaker, Executive Director of Midwest Food Bank.  “Prior to iDonate, we did our online fundraising differently at each of our different locations, using PayPal and regular credit card processors. Each site did their own thing, which was the main reason we looked at iDonate, so that each site would have the same options and user experience. iDonate allowed us to streamline and standardize our online giving experience across all our sites.” Peter Goddard, Comptroller of Midwest Food Bank.  In addition, Peter says fundraising reporting, key to any successful fundraising campaign, had been laborious and time-consuming for Midwest previously.  The Midwest team has benefited from iDonate’s digital fundraising training and best practices.