Connected Giving

The future of giving is Connected.

The cost of attracting donors is high. Despite the widespread emphasis on gaining new donors, the most valuable touchpoint with a donor is their second gift.

One-time donations are costing you.

This isn’t about getting your donor to give more once. It’s about getting them to stay. Donor
retention is at it’s lowest point in 3 years and is expected to continue dropping.

For every



It costs $.50 - $1.50
to attract new donors.

For every


new donors

Organizations are losing up to 80%.

For every



Today’s nonprofits churn $96 revenue.

Only 23% of first-time donors ever give a second gift.

The cost to continually acquire new donors can easily run
50% to 100% more than the dollars collected from them.

Cultivate donor relationships

There’s a way to keep donors year after year.

Donor retention continues to decline, creating a continual donor acquisition treadmill for organisations. But you can create a thoughtful, transparent experience that encourages opportunities for second and third gifts, dramatically improving retention and trust.

connected giving

kuh-nek-tid giv-ing | verb
transforming one-time donors into long-term trusted relationships.

Cultivate lasting donor relationships

6 Connected Giving Principles

Donor Centric

The goal should never begin with chasing the largest one-time gift. From vision to execution, every decision is made with the donor benefit in mind.

Alignment & Accessibility

When a nonprofit org starts with a donor-centric mindset, it influences the alignment of the operational teams and the tools donors use to engage and transact.

Brand Consistency

Consistent branding across all in-person and virtual touchpoints is a top priority. Alignment in brand style, voice and tone is a powerful differentiator.

Clear & Proactive

Anticipate donor needs and proactively offer insights before the donor is asked. This approach engenders donor trust, and promotes ongoing engagement.

Intentional & Relevant

Carefully select touch points already integrated into the donor’s everyday lifestyle. Provide relevant content delivered in a timely and accessible way.

Personalized Experiences

Focus on personalizing experiences so donors feel seen in every interaction and they know their gift is impactful, more like lifelong friends and less like acquaintances.

The most successful nonprofits see their donors as long-term collaborators, and invest in cultivating genuine and authentic relationships with those donors over time. This results in higher yearly giving, higher retention rates, and low donor churn.

Find out how your organization can become a Connected Giving Org.