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With the critical year-end fundraising season approaching, nearly every fundraiser is looking for the secret strategy to raise more money at year-end than ever before.

So our partner Next After analyzed 17,263 emails from 151 nonprofit organizations – as well as their subsequent donation pages – that were sent during previous year-end campaigns to find unique ways that your fundraising can cut through the year-end clutter.

They asked questions such as:

  • When is the best time to send an email?
  • How many emails should you send?
  • Should you use a count-down clock on your donation page?

The findings that they discovered reveal 10 unique ideas that nonprofits can test in their online fundraising during this year-end season to cut through the clutter and grow their online revenue.

Grow your year-end fundraising revenue this year by learning 10 unique ways to test and optimize your fundraising campaign.

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