iDonate plays nice with its donation data.

iDonate includes a set of tools that enables you to sync donation data with your current CRM or other business system. We make it possible for you to customize your integrations and analytics around more than 30 donation events. For all the pathways described below, iDonate can send webhooks to any publicly available server. When an event triggers a webhook, we send a notification to your specified endpoint. Data can also be exported via .csv file.

Event Streams

For newer systems, specified donation events automatically trigger a constant flow of data and quickly processes it as it is being created without the need to request the data. This method of data transfer is more complex to set up than a transaction webhook, but allows for different types of information to be monitored more easily and provides continuously updated syncing of your donation data.

Data API

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are request-based output mechanisms that facilitate syncing and relaying data between two applications. An organization initiates an API query to the specified URL to collect the data, syncing your system with actions occurring inside iDonate since your last update. Take a look at our API document and contact us for more information.


Transaction Webhooks

For older systems, transaction webhooks are required for the data transfer. They function like a doorbell to inform you that someone has created a donation event (one event per webhook; they are never combined), alerting you to initiate an API query to your specified URL to collect the data.