Unleash the power of Salesforce with iDonate.

The power behind Salesforce is data. With iDonate and its Salesforce app, your Salesforce database contains the most holistic view of your donors possible.

Make comprehensive giving the norm.

By identifying and analyzing current recurring donors within iDonate, you can create targeted giving campaigns – without frustrating loyal donors.  Working hand-in-hand with Salesforce’s robust demographic and historical data, iDonate can even help you capture and track corporate matching soft credits or unlock the hidden giving potential in noncash giving.


Fully leverage the power of Salesforce campaigns and automations.

Imagine asking the right donor for the right amount during any campaign.  You invest significant time refining your donor segmentation.  Create a return on that investment with iDonate’s contextual giving embed.  Since Millennial donors have different giving capacity than your Baby Boomer donors, iDonate can deliver unique, specific giving experiences to the unique donors in your Salesforce donor file.

Turn Salesforce insight into online fundraising success.

Driven by demographics, location, giving history, and many other personal attributes, each of your donors have preferred methods of giving.  Once you’ve used Salesforce to identify and segment those groups, iDonate allows your donors to give however they want to give and wherever you give them the opportunity – whether online or mobile or through a ticket purchase of Fun Run.

The efficiency of using Salesforce and iDonate together means less time our team is sitting behind desks looking at double entries and wondering if they will match.  Using [Salesforce and iDonate] together means more time to focus on the things that really matter to our mission

Jason Hoyt
Beta Upsilon Chi