Build better relationships with Virtuous and iDonate.

Combining CRM, marketing automation, and wealth analytics, Virtuous provides the donor history you want – no hoop-jumping required. There is no hoop-jumping required to connect iDonate’s Digital Giving System to the Virtuous CRM either.

More than rows in a database.

Virtuous’ CRM is built to make donors feel like people not rows in a database.  iDonate giving embeds can be configured to meet any need.  Using the giving history and relationships defined in Virtuous and giving activity within iDonate, you can quickly present your donors with customized giving opportunities and experiences.

Build relationships that reflect how a donor gives not just how much.

When you combine Virtuous’ detailed donor segmentation with iDonate’ multi-channel giving options, you create a comprehensive understanding of demographics, location, age, and preferred methods of interaction – including how they like to give – and in what amounts over time.

Raise more with smart analytics that suggest next steps.

A key fundraising question is which donors should you contact and when? Question number two:  what is the right ask – how much and in what form?  Based on a donor’s gift history, social network, wealth, and demographic data, you can use iDonate to present your donors with personalized online giving opportunities (for cash and noncash gifts), help turn donors into peer fundraisers, or attend events and bring others along.