“Our mission to bring innovation to generosity never ceases.”

A Letter from Our CEO

Our Story and Manifesto

Our story really began with two questions: In a world where U.S. household wealth just passed $90 trillion, why is giving stuck at only 2 percent of personal disposable income? And how can we unlock the potential of this $90 trillion of wealth?

A few years ago, I met Bill High, who at the time was the president of the largest affiliate of the National Christian Foundation. Bill had a small team processing noncash gifts in the basement of his office through a service he called iDonate. (Today, Bill is the CEO of The Signatry, one of the largest foundations in the country specializing in asset-based giving and family legacy).

Because of my background in technology and decades of applying those technologies to solve problems, Bill asked me to take a look at iDonate’s service and determine the technology’s potential. His challenge sent me on a journey to understand generosity and how innovation and technology intertwine.

I was stunned to realize that since the end of WWII, every sector of U.S. society has exploded with innovation, and key indicators of progress, including gross domestic product, average size of houses, education rates, household wealth, technology measures, have steadily increased. Despite these huge areas of economic growth, charitable giving has remained at the same stagnant levels for 50 years—a paltry 2 percent of personal disposable income.

There had to be a way to make fundraisers' lives better, giving them more time for mission, not management.

Thus, iDonate was born out of a higher call to unlock giving potential and make nonprofit operations easier and more effective. We were inspired to make it possible and easy to give out of cash and out of wealth, using both vehicles to help move the 2 percent.

Bill High remains close to our mission, serving on our board as a valued friend. As iDonate’s CEO, I am thrilled to see how many passionate and talented people have joined our company … and the hundreds of world-changing clients who have joined the iDonate family.

We’re not done, as our mission to bring innovation to generosity never ceases. But we’ve made some progress.

  • We invented the world’s first noncash gateway where we electronically process vehicles, boats, stock, and many unique assets such as grain and collectibles – even llamas!!! To date, we’ve processed millions in noncash donations for many different causes.
  • We brought embed technology to the industry to meet the expectation of today’s donor for a branded experience without the friction and security concerns caused by many giving forms that require the donor to leave the client’s website.
  • We built the first true Donor Engagement Platform (DEP). Unlike CRMs and Donor Management Systems, a DEP helps the organization acquire donors, engage with them more deeply, and multiply giving.
  • And finally, one of our most exciting innovations is baking now and will change everything! Stay tuned for coming announcements!

We’ve been at this for a few years, but we believe we’re just getting started. It’s easy to get up in the morning because if we do our job well, our clients will have the funds to change the world. Our team has a relentless focus on providing the highest quality products and services that truly make an impact. We see our job as a service to you. I often tell our team that our job is to bless those we serve.

There is a quote generally attributed to Martin Luther that I really like. “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on shoes, but by making good shoes, because God cares about good craftsmanship.”

So do we.

Making great shoes,

Ray Gary, CEO, iDonate
Ray Gary


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