April 2018 Release

New Features & Enhancements:

  • Unsupported Browser Notification Unexpected results may occur when donors attempt to donate through iDonate on unsupported browsers. Now, donors will be notified via pop-up when they are on one of these browsers, along with a link to resolve the issue.
  • Donor Self-Serve Portal In addition to CSV and Excel, donors will be able to download their donation history in an uneditable PDF format that can be shared with their accountant.
  • Transaction Fee Language Many donors prefer to pay the transaction fee but want to understand how that impacts their total donation. We have updated the transaction fee statement to reduce confusion. Old statement: Would you like to pay the transaction fee of $xx.xx? New statement: I would like to add $xx.xx to help cover the transaction cost.
  • Tribute information now updates on all applicable recurring donations We received requests to enable tribute information that was included in the first donation of a recurring donation schedule to be carried forward to all donations in that series, not just the first one.While this new feature is not retroactive on existing recurring gifts, moving forward, any new recurring gift with associated tribute information will have that tribute information attached to all donations in that gift series.
  • Donations Made by a Company Up to now, donors were identified only as individuals. This update added a Company Name toggle switch to the embed. When this toggle is enabled, donors are able to select the option to donate as a company. When they do, a Company field is presented.Action needed: The new Company Name toggle switch has been defaulted to “off.” You will need to edit your embeds to turn this feature on. To learn more about how to edit your embeds, click here.
As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions about these new features, contact us at support@iDonate.com.

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