January 2019 Release

Donor Self Serve Updates

  • Donor Pays Fee
  • When editing a recurring schedule in Donor Self Serve, donors can now opt in/out of adding an addition amount to cover the transaction fees for their donation
  • Donors can now add additional designated funds to their existing recurring donations
  • Designated funds are filtered to those available to the original schedule by the associated campaign
  • Organizations with Branded DSS now show logos on downloaded statements

GMS Updates

  • Expose Weight field for designated funds
  • Orgs can now sort designated funds quicker and easier by either drag and drop or changing the weight value in the designated fund list.  This manages the order that designated funds appear in the giving embed
  • Expose Company Name field on recurring donations
  • Company Name is now available on the recurring donations list and details screens
  • Allow Multiple Honorees in tribute
  • Multiple Honorees can now be associated with a tribute on your embeds
  • On the Tribute modal, donors can click “Add Honoree” and add additional tributes

Webhook Changes

  • Addition of “Company Name”
  • Support for Multiple Tributes
  As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions about these new features, contact us at support@iDonate.com  

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