July 2018 Release

New Feature Highlights

  • Offline Donations No need to enter individual offline donations manually anymore. With the new Offline Transaction Importer Template, you can now upload offline donations. They will show up on the Donations screen tagged as “offline donation.”
  • Ways to Grow Sidebar Retain valuable screen space for your dashboard by collapsing the resource section.
  • Donor Self-Serve Portal
    • Added Recurring Donation column to the Payment Methods screen, allowing all donations for each payment method to be visible.
    • Added Active Payment Method column to the Recurring Donations screen, allowing each payment method for different donations to be visible.

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed thank you page tab to enable preview of thank you page while building out an embed and added ability to add images. Preview contains editable preset text.
  • Added ability to add images to all text blocks for email customization.
  • Added ability to edit donor pays fee language.
  • Added middle name field to embeds.
  • Added Initial Donation Amount column to the Donations table, which shows initial donation amount net of donor fees.
  • Resolved need to login to Donor Self-Serve portal from View Donations button on Donation page.
  • Fixed peer-to-peer campaign countdown to revert to hours when less than 1 day is left in campaign.
  • Fixed donation statements with errors for quarterly recurring gift.
  • Fixed fundraiser end-date setting to extend beyond 3 months.
As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions about these new features, contact us at support@iDonate.com.

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