Create In-Person and Virtual Events in Minutes

From imagery and branding, to personalized messaging, tell your story so you can achieve your event fundraising goals. Simply follow the step-by-step process to create beautiful, branded event pages, sell tickets, take registrations, and process donations in minutes.

Cater to your supporters

Flexible ticket types and publishing options for maximum visibility and customization.
Different events call for different experiences. Whether selling a ticket or offering free tickets, easy-to-configure options like quantities, prices, selling periods, promo codes, and more are built-in and ready to use. Plus, the ticket widget enables you to promote your event on your website or anywhere online, not just the event page. Then at the event, a simple scan finalizes your registrations, making check-in easier than ever.

Special Orders?
No problem.

Survey guests as they purchase tickets.
When doing great events, personalize the experience for your donors. What if they have special dietary needs, or a requirement for special seating? Or, what if you want their size for a t-shirt give-away? No problem at all, as our system allows you to add survey questions with your tickets.

Manage every detail in minutes.

All your event details, all in one place.
Track your event details in real-time to help you stay on top of registrations, ticket sales, surveys, and donations.

What’s right for you?