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“My CRM/DMS stores donor info well, but the giving platform is clunky.”
Unlock your CRM’s fundraising potential

Your CRM or Donor Management System was not designed for fundraising, and it shows. iDonate is. Just connect iDonate to your existing donor database to start fundraising more effectively across every channel: web and mobile, text, event ticketing, peer-to-peer, and more. And because iDonate is an all-in-one platform, you can easily see how your campaigns are performing across channels.

“My donors abandon gifts when the form opens in another site.”
Accept donations right on your site

Avoid the brand confusion, extra steps, and security or fraud concerns that lead to gift abandonment. iDonate’s forms embed in your existing site, or Facebook page, and seamlessly match your brand.

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“I’d like to accept noncash donations but I’m not sure how to do that.”
Noncash giving without the hassle

Donors can see the option to donate their noncash items through your iDonate website giving forms. We handle every step of the donation process:

  • Physical transfer of goods
  • Selling
  • Receipting
  • IRS compliance
  • Risk management
  • Vetting
  • Accounting
  • Title transfer
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“I need consolidated oversight of chapter and affiliate fundraising without having to manage their programs or funds.”
Powerful chapter tools with built-in oversight

The complex structures of federated models aren’t a problem for the multi-tiered iDonate platform that gives child orgs all the features and control they need while delivering insight into all aspects of fundraising across the enterprise, resulting in:

  • Increased donor affinity and relationship
  • Donor confidence in operations
  • More gifts and larger gift sizes
  • Parent org has full visibility for administrative purposes
  • Child org retains ownership of campaigns and funds
  • Effective sharing of best practices between orgs
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“I want to offer my chapters and clients branded software but building a custom enterprise platform will take years/months.”
Launch enterprise-ready giving tech with ease

iDonate platform licensing provides the power of a custom solution, without IT and development costs. Multi-tiered enterprise-level nonprofits have access to:

  • White labeling the iDonate platform
  • Flexible configuration
  • Open API/CRM agnostic integration
  • Secure, no-touch onboarding of donor data
  • No loss of fundraising while onboarding
  • Flexible gateway integration
  • AI-powered fraud protection
  • Transaction fees rather than donation fees
  • Scalable, robust analytics across enterprise and for individual orgs
  • Key donor pathways guidance
  • Omnichannel giving platform with unified backoffice
  • Support and growth services
  • Unparalleled giving experiences for donors

How to get started

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Learn the Possibilities
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Get Friendly Onboarding
Ready to start? A Customer Success rep will help you get donor data into iDonate, and start fundraising. This usually takes about one week.

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