Gifts don’t always come from a bank account.

Discover unconventional sources of gifts.

Earlier in our lives, cash is king.  As we get older, ‘stuff’ becomes a bigger piece of the pie.  Grow your revenue by equipping donors to give out of wealth, not just cash.

Let generosity have its way.

We’ve seen generosity take some interesting forms. For instance, one cause saw an $850,000 increase in revenue after accepting a noncash donation of corn. (Seriously.) Curious what your donors would give you?

We’ll handle the heavy lifting.

Liquidation is a complex process, but we’ve got you covered. When a cause implements iDonate’s Noncash Donations solution, we manage all of the details involved with turning noncash donations into revenue for your organization.

Create life-long relationships with your donors.

Long-term retention grows with every gift a donor makes.  Keep your donors tied to your cause by accepting more types of gifts from them.